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Sports Provision at Southview

At Southview sport and physical activities are considered by all staff to be a vital and integral part of the curriculum across school. As a school for children and young people with physical and neurological impairments (PNI) it is essential that movement is practiced and celebrated through a range of adapted physical activities which are suited to the needs and abilities of all learners.

At Southview we offer a wide variety of PE activities such as adapted traditional sports, disability sports, sensory yoga, horse riding and swimming. We also provide our older learners in Southview College with the opportunity to explore sport and leisure activities in the local community, signposting links to local clubs.

Southview learners are regularly involved in competition against themselves, their peers and other special schools. Each year we hold a Sports day which is carefully planned with input from the physiotherapist and occupational therapist to ensure that all our leaners get the opportunity to show off their skills and achievements using specialised and personalised equipment.

A Southview team is entered every year in the Panathlon Challenge. This is a competition specially designed for young disabled people, taking part in sports such as Boccia, New age Kurling and Polybat. The Panathlon has also provided training sessions for our older learners giving them a certificate in youth sport coaching. We also take part in the Lady Taverners Boccia competition and the Presidents Sporting Cup events throughout the year.

At Southview all forms of physical movement are values and celebrated. We have a strong team of staff, therapists, health care practitioners, and families who work together and support each learner through personalised and group physiotherapist sessions and enrichment afternoons which are additional to the rest of our PE and sports provision. This shared approach and attitude gives our learners the physical development they need, as well as progress in their communication, social skills and independence. Above all it gives our learner confidence, self belief, achievement and lots and lots of fun!

SPORTS GRANT 2017/2018
Sports Grant Carry Forward 2016/2017£4,859
Sports Grant Allocation 2017/2018 £12,877
Total Sports Grant Funding 2017/2018£17,736
£5,448FUNdamental Movement SkillsTo raise the quality of teaching in Physical Education and Sport and give learning leaders the opportunity and confidence to teach new skills and activities.

To increase learner participation in a range of new and exciting inclusive activities.

To provide learners with the opportunity to experiment with different sports equipment, which may be specialised.

To provide a link to local sports clubs and to encourage children to join community clubs and to take part in sport outside of the school environment beyond the school day.

To improve learner communication and social skills when working with professional adults from outside the immediate school community.
£3,640YogaYoga specifically designed for children with special needs to relieve any anxiety or stress that a young person may have and restore optimum health and wellbeing.
£211PE EquipmentPurchase of Bocchia equipment to encourage physical activity.
Carry Forward
Improving Outdoor Play FacilitiesThe school has allocated funds to redevelop the playground so that it encourages physical activity during break and lunch times. The activities on the playground will cater to a range of disabilities and will include a wheelchair track.

The works are currently in the planning phase and is hoped to be completed in 2019.
Sports Grant 2018/2019 (Estimated)
Sports Grant Carry Forward 2018/2019£8,437
Sports Grant Allocation 2018/2019 £12,877
Total Sports Grant Funding 2018/2019£21,314
Estimated SpendIntervention/Activity
Yoga - £4,000

FUNdamental Movement Skills - £5,500

Improving Outdoor Play Facilities - £10,000
Continue to employ sports specialist coaches

A Jointly funded project using Sports Grant and Southview School Fund
Carry Forward - £1,814

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