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  • Ray Brown

    Ray Brown

    Category of Governor: Chair of Governors

    Background: Qualified as a teacher in September 1963 – now retired. Has a BA (Hons) degree with Open University and a BTEC Advanced Certificate in School structure and development. Keen on lifelong learning.

    Governor Responsibilities: Complaints, School Website, Educational Visits and Leadership & Governance, Monitoring the School Development Plan.

    Governor Class Links: Mars and Southview College.

    Date Appointed: 23rd February 2014 (reappointed)

    Term of office ends: 22nd February 2022

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  • Tony Day

    Tony Day

    Category of Governor: Vice Chair

    Background: Long standing Southview governor. Following retirement from the ‘banking’ industry in 1995 I was invited to join the governors in order to add my ‘financial experience’ to the board. As a result I have been involved with the Finance and Premises (now Resources) committee since joining the school. Also a long standing member of Braintree Lions Club, a local service club which, over the years has given considerable support to Southview.

    Why I wanted to be a governor at Southview: When invited to become a governor I felt that my ‘professional’ expertise could be of benefit to the school. Also, having recently retired I had sufficient time to devote to these responsibilities.

    Governor Responsibilities: Health & Safety (including Premises), Educational Visits & Pupil Premium, Monitoring Looked after Children, Monitoring the School Development Plan.

    Governor Class Links: Stars.

    Date Appointed: 3rd October 2016 (reappointed)

    Term of office ends: 2nd October 2020

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  • Angela Sumpton

    Angela Sumpton

    Category of Governor: Local Authority.

    Background: I qualified as a teacher in 1971 and worked until I retired in 2007. The last 24 years in service was as a headteacher of three Essex Primary schools. In 2003 I completed an M.Ed at Cambridge which focussed on improving governance. I have worked as a part-time tutor for Essex Governor Services since 2006 writing and delivering courses for governors.

    Why I wanted to be a Governor at Southview: As a headteacher I was keenly aware of the importance and support a governing body can give to a school. I have always believed that ALL children regardless of their ability should have the best opportunities to succeed in school.

    Governor Responsibilities: Safeguarding (Child Protection), Whistleblowing, Monitoring the School Development Plan.

    Date Appointed: 7th September 2016

    Term of office ends: 6th September 2020

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  • Julian Cochrane

    Julian Cochrane

    Category of Governor: Staff Governor

    Background: I have been involved in special needs teaching and leadership for a number or years. I believe passionately that all young people, regardless of their ability, should have the very best education possible and I am proud to lead a school with that very much at the heart of its ethos.

    Date Appointed: January 2013

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  • Jenny Smith

    Jenny Smith

    Category of Governor: Associate Member

    Background: I have been teaching in special education for 25+ years, working with children and young adults with a wide range of disabilities. I have been Deputy Head at Southview since January 2015.

    Why I wanted to be a Governor at Southview: As part of the senior leadership team here at Southview, I am involved in strategic planning and development. I care passionately about the learners here and work diligently to create an outstanding learning environment.

    Date Appointed: 1st September 2015

    Term of office ends: 31st August 2019

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  • Steve Baker

    Steve Baker

    Category of Governor: Staff Governor

    Background: I worked as a teaching assistant at Southview from 1999 to 2011 before qualifying as a teacher. I then worked at another special school for my NQT year, did some mainstream and special needs supply work before returning to Southview to take up a teaching position in 2013.

    Why I wanted to be a Governor at Southview: I feel it is important to have a link between the staff and governors to liaise and pass on information. I am passionate that the school delivers the very best possible for the children and young people we are fortunate enough to work with here.

    Date Appointed: 27th September 2016

    Term of office ends: 26th September 2020

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  • Rebecca Green

    Rebecca Green

    Category of Governor: Parent Governor.

    Background: I have a daughter who has attended Southview School for the last few years. I balance looking after her and all that entails, with working as an accountant for Ford at Warley.

    Why I wanted to be a governor at Southview: I am hugely impressed with the school, and am always captivated by the happy and positive atmosphere that radiates from the learners and staff alike. I have the continued wellbeing and development of learners close to my heart.

    Governor Responsibilities: Equality & Diversity, Monitoring the School Development Plan.

    Date Appointed: 28th October 2015

    Term of office ends: 27th October 2019

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