EDEXCEL Functional Skills in Computing.

EDEXCEL, OCR and AQA Entry Levels in English, Maths, Science, RE, Art and PE.

ASDAN Personal and Social Development; including practical life skills, Enterprise based activities and preparation for the next stage in their lives:- Employment/College/Work Experience/Volunteering/Supported Housing.

There are opportunities for learners to study other qualifications including a range of GCSEs and Vocational courses at our local partner schools or college.


At Southview at the moment we are working with P Levels.

The P scales are a set of descriptions for recording the achievement of pupils with special educational needs (SEN).

They are split into 8 different levels with P1 being the lowest and P8 the highest. Levels P1 to P3 are not subject-specific, as they describe early learning and conceptual development. At these early levels, a curriculum subject offers a specific context for learning.

Here at Southview the use of P Levels allows the learning leaders an insight into understanding the small steps that learners with special needs (especially complex needs) achieve. Our aim is to ensure we encompass each step made by the learners, as even a small increment in assessment is a big achievement for everyone at Southview.

We have recently broken down the Government’s ‘age related expectations’ into Key Skills which we use to assess pupils working at the old National Curriculum levels. We have also created a tool to capture progress for those learners working between P8 and Key Skill 1 which we have named ‘Bridging the Gap’. Please contact us for any further information.

The assessment process at Southview is ongoing, with two set points in the year where the results are presented. Once in February, our internal assessment and once in June, where all the assessment is fed back to the county.

We are proud to say that every year some of our learners sit examinations, with positive results that all involved can be very proud of.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum or the exams undertaken at the school please do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries please Contact Us


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