Southview School – Our principles for demonstrating progress for our learners and students.

We measure what we value and value what we measure

At Southview, we understand that for our learners progress is holistic and encompasses academic, personal and social milestones. All progress is given equal status under these headings.

We believe in setting challenging holistic targets to meet a diverse range of needs, as well as providing specific precise interventions, to enable our learners to meet these objectives wherever possible.

Our ‘Southview Progress Guide’ is a bespoke and robust system that uses a learner’s starting point to measure progress made over time. This guide has been developed using the principles of Progression Guidance, our own sets of progress data over the past three years and, by working in conjunction with an outstanding special school, we have incorporated their assessment data to give us a meaningful and strong assessment data set.

Southview teaches the new National Curriculum and all our teaching, and curriculum maps, now reflect these changes. The removal of National Curriculum levels, and their replacement with ‘age related expectations’ has been a challenge as many of our learners are not working within these expectations, and would therefore consistently be assessed as ‘working towards’ the expectations. Whilst using the principles of age expected expectations, we have devised our own set of ‘Key Skills’ and our own ‘Bridge Skills’ to close the gap between the top ‘P’ scale and Key Skill 1.

We have developed our own set of ‘Social Skills’ assessment which really values the important progress our learners make, which is not always fully recognised in more academic based assessment systems. After a pilot programme in the academic year 2015/16 these systems are fully operational.

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries please Contact Us


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