Southview School Uniform

Please find below a selection of Southview school’s uniform. If you would like to order school uniform you can do this two ways:

1. You can place an order direct with Tesco, they have a large selection of uniform available on a designated web page set up for Southview School. All uniform comes embroidered with the school logo, free of charge and is delivered direct to your door. If you would like to purchase from Tesco, please click on this link www.tesco.com/ues

2. You can also place an order with School Trends, you can go online and order direct or you can place an order through the school. If you would like to order through the school, please contact Julie in the office. All orders whether placed online by yourself or ordered through the school will be delivered to the school and not directly to yourselves. Please click on this link www.stparents.co.uk

We can also provide summer dresses and pinafore dresses together with PE shorts all with the school logo if required.  If you need any further information, please contact the school office

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries please Contact Us


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