Here at Southview Health and Education work very closely to achieve the best possible learning environment and experience for every learner in the school

We have four different types of on site therapy;

  • Speech and Language Therapist – Fiona Souter
  • Speech and Language Therapist – Emily Hitchin
  • Physiotherapist – Lauren Twin
  • Physiotherapist – Lauren Chapman
  • Physio Assistant – Jo Cook
  • Occupational Therapist – Laura Martin
  • Music Therapist – Vicky Paterson

The therapies work alongside each other to help equip our learners with tools, skills and technologies needed to access an educational curriculum.

They work to provide a foundation for learning. They are involved with issues such as communication, functional seating, access to the curriculum, means of mobility and stretching and maintaining flexibility and range of movement through group sessions.

Liaison between Health, Education, Parents and learners is achieved through Unified Planning meetings. Individual Physical, learning and curriculum progress targets are monitored and updated in these meetings. The therapy team contribute to the monitoring and planning process. The implementation of the new targets is the result of collaboration between the Senior Management Team, Phase Leaders, Therapy and support staff.

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries pleaseĀ Contact Us


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