Personal Assistance Team

Carolynne Keating

Carolynne Keating manages the care team who are responsible for ensuring that every child’s care needs are met and maintained to a high standard throughout their time at Southview

Healthcare plans are in place for every learner. They hold information from parents and relevant professionals involved in the child’s care. They are continually updated to ensure that the most recent information is recorded and shared. Carolynne meets with the Class Teachers and support staff on a regular basis to discuss any changes, issues or training needs required.

Training for specific medical procedures is delivered by the Specialist Healthcare Tasks Service at Provide. Ongoing updates and individual competencies are completed by the nursing team

All of our staff has received moving and handling training from our Manual Handling Advisors Carolynne and Dawn, Training and assessment is ongoing, therefore providing a safe and efficient system.

Manual handling risk assessments are in place for all learners, giving information on their individual needs, and instruction on how each learner should be moved in the safest and most comfortable way, while ensuring that their dignity is maintained at all times. The risk assessments also ensure that staff follow procedures and are kept safe while practicing good moving and handling techniques

The care team work closely with the Speech and Language, Physio and Occupational Therapists. Carolynne and the therapy team meet weekly to discuss any issues regarding equipment, new therapy programmes, feeding issues or any other general concerns.

If you have any enquires, concerns or just want to chat/discuss your child’s care/medical needs please call or email Carolynne who will be happy to help.

Our First Aiders at Southview

  • Carolynne Keating
  • Wendy Day
  • Dawn Wotton
  • Nikki Hammond
  • Diane Lines
  • Tracey Dyer
  • Lisa Ranfield
  • Kerry Hamilton

Paediatric First Aiders

  • Carolynne Keating
  • Hayley Davies

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries please Contact Us


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