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Southview School Uniform Policy

At Southview School we believe that our school uniform promotes the ethos of the school, provides our students with a sense of belonging and identity and helps our students to follow a routine, associating particular clothing as a cue for going to school.

When developing our uniform policy, careful consideration was given to cost as well as the practical requirements, personal care and comfort needed for our children and young adults throughout their day at school.

We have engaged with parents and students and considered their views in our policy. As a result it has been decided that our College students are not required to wear school uniform and that uniform clothing for the rest of the school is flexible and can be adapted to suit the varying physical needs of each student.

Primary Classes – all items can be branded or generic

White, sky blue or yellow polo shirt
Yellow or blue gingham dress (summer)
Black, navy or grey trousers or jogging pants
Black, navy or grey skirt or pinafore
Blue cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt


Secondary Classes - all items can be branded or generic

White or blue polo shirt
Black, navy or grey trousers or jogging pants
Black, navy or grey skirt or pinafore
Blue cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt


Specialised footwear – depending on the needs of the child

PE Clothing

(Students are not required to change for PE due to individual physical needs).
If appropriate students can wear:
Black shorts, white t shirt, plimsolls or trainers (optional).

Branded Items

Although we have a school logo it is not a requirement for this to be on all clothing items worn in school. Generic items are widely available from a range of local outlets including supermarkets and other low cost providers. Parents and carers may prefer to purchase a minimum amount of branded items, limit their use and choose to use low cost items purchased from a variety of retailers, which can be bought in more cost effective packs.


We currently use Myclothing to supply our branded uniform. They continue to provide competitive rates and a review of the contract is regularly carried out to ensure that the best value for money is offered. They provide a variety of high quality, ethically sourced products in an extensive range of sizes and colours to choose from.

New parents and carers are given a Myclothing leaflet in their welcome pack which provides information about ordering and delivering of uniform which is available to purchase all year round. Alternativily, you can visit

Uniform Specification

The combination of uniform is chosen by parents and carers according to what they feel is most comfortable, affordable and suitable for the physical needs of their child. We appreciate that it may not always be possible for students to fit into certain clothing, particularly if they have undergone surgery or have specific feeding, medical or moving and handling requirements.  All items can be purchased from Myclothing (with logo) and from other outlets such as supermarkets (without logo).

Provision of Second-Hand Uniforms

The school has an arrangement in place where second–hand uniforms are available for parents and carers to acquire via the newsletter and a parent Facebook group. Parents can contact the office who manages the second hand uniform service and can provide advice and support regarding any financial difficulties.


  • School Address: Conrad Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 2TA / College Address: Conrad Road, Witham CM8 2SD

  • School: 01376 503505 / College: 01376 425372