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Southview School - Intent, Implementation, Impact

Teachers make skilful use of this information to make sure that pupils receive an exceptionally high quality of education.

Ofsted Outstanding 2022


The EYFS curriculum is followed in Sunshine Class for pupils in Nursery, Reception and extending into years 1 & 2 if this is seen to be appropriate and relevant for them. The class follows the EYFS curriculum, but this has been adapted where necessary for pupils with visual impairments.


To provide high quality learning experiences through practical and playful activities which are balanced and relevant for each child. To work collaboratively with other professionals in order to create a personalised learning environment ensuring that communication and physio therapy needs are assessed and plans put into place. This creates an environment where pupils are equipped to make progress in accordance with their differing abilities.



A thematic approach, broadly following the topics within the KS1 curriculum is used. Pupils learn and develop key skills in the prime areas social and emotional development (PSED), communication and language (CL), and physical development (PD), and specific areas of mathematics, literacy, Understanding the world and expressive art and design. These may have been adapted for those children with a VI.



Children in EYFS settle into school, often from a part-time beginning to attending full-time. They begin to make sense of the world, and develop secure attachments to staff, becoming more confident and independent in their interactions. They begin to explore their surroundings, and take risks with their explorations. They communicate more effectively, and express their feelings, with those around them.


Pupils in Key stage 1&2 attend Stars and Rainbow classes. These are broadly ability grouped as for some children, a sensory approach is more suitable, whilst others can access a wider subject based curriculum, enabling early literacy and numeracy skills to develop.


To provide a well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum to enable our children to develop intellectually, socially and physically. This builds upon prior learning and aspirational outcomes based upon EHCP targets. A holistic way of working values communication and physical wellbeing as underpinning the work that takes place.



Pupils working at this level follow a thematic topic-based approach. Pupils access a curriculum that is relevant for them from the ‘Firm Foundations’, suitable for sensory learners to ‘building on’, and ‘reaching higher’, enabling them to develop knowledge and key skills further and apply them in a variety of contexts. Pupils have access to lessons linked to subjects in the National Curriculum.



Pupils learn and develop their skills further. They develop a positive attitude towards their learning. Where they are able to, they gain the basic skills of literacy, numeracy, Science and ICT. They develop curiosity, creativity, and begin to be able to reflect on what they are learning and how they may be able to improve. They begin to be more able communicators, initiating interaction, and able to be understood by a range of people.


Pupils in Key stage 3&4 are in classes Galaxy, Pluto, Venus and Jupiter. The Galaxy group are working at early developmental levels and on a sensory PMLD curriculum-Firm Foundations. The other classes are broadly ability grouped, with the most able pupils accessing examinations and accreditations where appropriate.


To increase personal independence in all aspects of school life- communicatively, physically and socially. Pupils become more reflective in their learning, and be supported to attain qualifications where appropriate. A total communication approach enables all children to access lessons at their level.



Pupils build on prior learning. For some this may be an academic pathway with a focus on attaining accreditation, and for others it may continue on mainly a thematic approach. Pupils continue to work on achieving independence with communication and physical skills, whatever that may look like for them.



Pupils access a very broad curriculum suited to their needs and aspirations. Pupils become confident and assertive learners and be ready to move into the College Phase. They are well-adjusted, confident young people who have developed resilience.

COLLEGE Students in Years 12, 13 and 14 attend Southview College.

College have developed their own curriculum which covers 7 strands, equipping students for life outside school.


The college curriculum aims to provide students with a more independent style of learning and focuses on greater responsibility for self-organisation in preparation for the future.



Students have personalised targets set over 7 areas of learning-Communication, Community Links and participation, Health and wellbeing, Developing and managing relationships, Functional Maths, Enterprise work-related skills, and Creative Development. These are set in conjunction with the student and carers at the EHCP reviews at the start of the year.



Students are ready, prepared and confident to move into their adult life and transition from College. They leave Southview with a love for learning and are autonomous, resilient young people.

 Please contact the following leads who will provide you with full details of each curriculum and its content:

Julie Pugh - College Lead. Email:

Charlotte MacKenzie - Complex Needs Lead. Email:

Fiona Read - Curriculum Lead. Email:

Hayley Davies - EYFS. Email:

Carolynne Keating - EYFS. Email:

  • School Address: Conrad Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 2TA / College Address: Conrad Road, Witham CM8 2SD

  • School: 01376 503505 / College: 01376 425372