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Communication and Family Link

Adults place considerable emphasis on developing pupils’ knowledge of communication and language.

Ofsted Outstanding 2022

Our Communication Team

Our Aim

To follow and support a total communication approach, where any form of communication is recognised and accepted.

For our students to become functional communicators using intentional body language, signing, symbols, low tech or hi tech communication aids and speech, or any combination of these.

We do:-

Work together with families/carers and outside agencies to assess and meet the communication needs of our children.

Work in conjunction with Speech and Language therapy and O.T to identify, support and establish tailored communication systems identified for each student.

Work with class teachers and Teaching Assistants to embed communication skills in every aspect of their school day.

Give students access to tailored therapy sessions to consolidate what they already do, and to learn new skills to transfer into other areas of their lives; education, home and community.

For more information about communication at Southview school please contact the school office.