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Leaders are highly ambitious for pupils.

ofsted outstanding 2022

Southview School – Our principles for demonstrating progress for our learners and students.

Our key principle is:

We measure what we value and value what we measure

At Southview, we understand that for our students progress is holistic and encompasses academic, personal and social milestones. All progress is given equal status under these headings.

We believe in setting challenging holistic targets to meet a diverse range of needs, as well as providing specific precise interventions, to enable our students to meet these objectives wherever possible.

Southview School places great value on developing an individual’s social and communication skills, which impacts on how they interact with the world around them. 

We are using the EHCP as an assessment system that places our students and their needs at the forefront. The EHCP assessment and planning is designed to focus and agree, with parents and other professionals, individual targets and the support needed to achieve them.  

Our ‘Social Skills’ assessment system, included in the EHCP, allows the incredibly important social and emotional progress to be captured, celebrated and targeted; this is not always covered with academic targets.

  • School Address: Conrad Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 2TA / College Address: Conrad Road, Witham CM8 2SD

  • School: 01376 503505 / College: 01376 425372