Southview School – Our principles for demonstrating progress for our learners and students.

Our key principle is:

We measure what we value and value what we measure


At Southview, we understand that for our students progress is holistic and encompasses academic, personal and social milestones. All progress is given equal status under these headings.

We believe in setting challenging holistic targets to meet a diverse range of needs, as well as providing specific precise interventions, to enable our students to meet these objectives wherever possible.

Southview School places a great value on developing an individual’s social and communication skills, which impacts on how they interact with the world around them. We use a range of bespoke assessment systems to capture progress and set challenging targets for all children and students. Our ‘Social Skills’ assessment system allows the incredibly important social and emotional progress to be captured, celebrated and targeted; this is not always covered with academic targets.

We have also developed our own bespoke communication assessment which enables us to demonstrate progress and target our interventions precisely. Along with our Key skills (based on the ‘Age Related Expectations’), the targets set as part of the Education, Health and Care Plans play a key role in ensuring children and students can achieve their full potential at Southview.