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News From Pluto Class

Over the past few weeks the children who will be moving to Pluto Class in September have been spending time transitioning into the group. Three children currently in Rainbow Class and one from Stars Class have been joining us on a Friday afternoon and, from this week, also on a Tuesday morning.
We have been doing different lessons during these times so that the children get a good idea of what their timetable might be like in September. Some favourite activities have been a sensory story during English, Maths which involved playing some number games on the playground involving throwing bean bags, Cooking – we have made sandwiches and pizzas and Music – using the ‘SoundBeam’ in class to create our own pieces of music using our bodies and different switches. The children have all interacted really well with each other and have also got more familiar with the staff that will be working with them in September.

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News From Rainbow

Rainbow class have been looking at journeys and transport as their topic this term. We have made passports and travelled to different countries. We have travelled by ferry, plane and train so far. The class has enjoyed learning about lots of different countries trying different foods, looking at flags and landmarks from the countries. The week we travelled to America. We had a Disney quiz, tried hotdogs, mac and cheese and American pancakes and syrup.

In art lessons they all worked really hard creating pictures like the American artist Jackson Pollack.

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News from Stars

In Stars class this week we have harvested the potatoes that we planted at the beginning of March.

We had 1478g of Rocket potatoes and our heaviest potato was 187g.

We had 71 potatoes from our Regional bag of potatoes.

In food tech we have cooked both types of potato, Rocket and Regional and have tasted them.

We have also had the opportunity to meet an African pygmy hedgehog that Stacey brought in as part of our science topic. Moving and Growing.

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