Our School Day

Our school day begins at 9.15am when our students come in to start the day. The vast majority of our students use transport provided by Essex County Council to travel between home and school.

The timetables for each individual class will vary, and after the mornings lessons we have lunch at 12pm. Lunch time for us is a social time and chance to relax with friends. We have a high number of Mid Day Assistants and Teaching Assistants working with our children over the lunch period. When the weather is pleasant we have a number of games and activities set up on the playground, or our students can explore our wonderful sensory garden.

Afternoon lessons commence again at 1.30pm and finish at 3pm when there is a theme based assembly.

Children leave the building at 3.15pm.

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries please Contact Us


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