Learner Questionaire Results 2017

Collected by the school council, 25 replies received from across Middle School and College departments

  Yes/Always Mostly Sometimes No/Never
Are you happy in school? 68% 28% 4% 0%
Do you find out new things in lessons? 64% 12% 20% 4%
Are your lessons interesting and fun? 44% 24% 24% 8%
Do the adults help you when you need it? 80% 12% 8% 0%

Do other children behave well?

40% 36% 16% 8%
Do adults listen to your ideas? 84% 4% 12% 0%

Are you encouraged to do things on your own?

76% 16% 4% 4%
Are the staff fair to you? 84% 16% 0% 0%
Do you feel safe in school? 80% 20% 0% 0%
Is there someone at school you could talk to if you were worried? 80% 16% 0% 4%


What do you like most about the school?
The replies included;

Seeing my friends, English, enrichment, computing, yoga, learning about Macbeth, Art, outdoor lessons, working 1:1 with Sara-Jane, the trips, the TAs and teachers, maths, PE, lunch, the lessons.

"I have loved this school since I started"


What makes a lesson interesting?
The replies included;

Fun things, stories, music, practical lessons, different topics, outdoor learning, fun lessons, if I find out something new, the learners, lessons on the computer, using your hands, group work, fun facts, making and doing things, maps, the teachers.

"Lessons are fun"


What do you think of lunchtimes/playtimes? Is there anything that could be better?
The replies included;

They are good, more toys, bubbles, new games like bats and balls and bouncy balls, I would like lunch to finish a 1:30pm.

"I enjoy playing with my friends"


What would you like to change about the school?
The replies included;

Nothing, make it bigger, have a swimming pool, better puddings, mend the hole in the playground, more computer time, get a hot tub, have a soft play area.

"Nothing, I like it as it is"

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Last Edited:03/07/2017