After School & Holiday Club

The school offers both a Holiday and After School Club which is a very popular past time for both the students and parents. It gives students a chance to socialise with other pupils they may not necessarily mix with on a day to day basis and try some activities not normally associated with school.

The After School Club is currently run every Monday and Wednesday during term time, whilst the Holiday Club is run in three day blocks during the school holidays. We try to organise the Holiday Club groups into abilities as well as age so students are able to achieve/access the activities and enjoy the day with like minded people.

In club time we use a range of activities which children can choose from; sensory time, painting and crafts, playing outside, cooking, computing with laptops/iPads etc and group games.

We usually go on a trip or two in the holidays and this could be to a park, cinema, bowling or sensory activity according to the groups needs. We have staff who are trained and familiar to the children so all of their medical/personal requirements are covered and understood. For more information about Southview After School Club or Holiday Club please contact the school office.

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries pleaseĀ Contact Us


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