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Learner Questionnaire Results 2018

25 replies received from across Middle School and College departments

Are you happy in school?68%28%4%0%
Do you find out new things in lessons?56%28%4%0%
Are your lessons interesting and fun?72%24%4%8%
Do the adults help you when you need it?88%4%8%0%
Do other children behave well?56%24%20%0%
Do adults listen to your ideas?100%0%0%0%
Are you encouraged to do things on your own?84%0%12%4%
Are the staff fair to you?80%16%4%0%
Do you feel safe in school?88%12%0%0%
Is there someone at school you could talk to if you were worried?88%4%0%8%

What do you like most about the school?
The replies included; Computing, doing sports, doing the art exam, making new friends and going to the Penathlon.

What makes a lesson interesting?
The replies included; Art is fun because we make things, having fun, finding out something new and using ICT.

What do you think of lunchtimes/playtimes? Is there anything that could be better?
The replies included; No, I’m happy with my lunchtimes, I would like a friends’ room for people who want to talk, I would like a bigger playground, longer playtimes, I would like to watch TV, more toys, fun things painted on the floor, more bikes and go-karts.

What would you like to change about the school?
The replies included; Nothing, make it bigger, have a swimming pool and hot tub, have a bowling alley, bigger classrooms, being able to bring my gadgets in, having a snakes and ladders board of our own, more cooking, the transport coming into school,

“Nothing, I like it as it is”

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If you have any queries please Contact Us

If you have any queries please Contact Us


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